1. Construction of Mini, Micro and Mega Water Supply Schemes
  2. Construction of Sewerage Treatment plants and Systems
  3. Supply and Installation of Electro-Mechanical equipment
  4. Construction of 33Kv/11 KV Substations including supply and Installation of Transformers and other ancillary equipment
  5. Supply and Installation of Upvc, HDPE, MS, AC, GI, CI and DI Pressure Mains and Gravity Mains
  6. Construction of RCC Elevated, On ground and Under ground storage reservoirs
  7. Turnkey projects including overall Planning, Design, Execution and Maintenance
  8. Augmentation and Rehabilitation of Existing Water Supply Projects
  9. Drilling of Industrial and Project boreholes
  10. Manufacture and Supply of Deep Well Handpumps
  11. Construction of Solar Power Plants and services